Week 21, Day 147: Karate, friends and chicken pot pie!!!

22 11 2011

Hi every one!

Today I will go over some smart techniques for goal setting especially if you have a weight loss goal planned!  But before I go in to that I will quickly brief you on my day’s happenings. I woke up this morning and had a hot cuppa and an apple for a light breakfast and continued on to karate class with mum and Jeremy.

I have told our karate instructor Tavita that most exercise is pretty much off the cards for me so we concentrated mostly on some upper body work, some self defense techniques, and some tummy exercises and some very good stretches. I then met up with my friend Sarah, her mum Joyce and my niece Sienna. She is getting bigger every time I see her, and super cute!

I then came home for a while before heading over to Teuila’s house for a quick catchup over a fruit drink and strawberries. I got dropped home and then spent about an hour going through an online application. Mean while mum went to the supermarket and picked up some good food for me to cook dinner with. I decided to make for the first time a chicken pot pie.

I used two pastry sheets to line the bottom of my dish, cut up two and a half chicken breasts and cooked with onion, roasted some chopped kumara, carrots and potato, made the sauce (chicken, french onion and mushroom soup mixed with water and half a cup of milk) and cut up some pumpkin and carrot to boil. So after the pastry was half cooked I added the roasted vege, chicken and onion, broccoli and mushroom and sauce into the dish and then mashed the boiled carrot and pumpkin for the topping instead of more pastry. The meal was delicious and tasty! It was especially high in fibre as I left all the skin on the veges, added rosemary and added broccoli and mushroom to the dish.

Not only am I trying to add more fibre but this week my challenge is 5+ a day. So today I had my fair share of veges = a little potato, pumpkin, kumara, carrot, broccoli and mushroom and then I had strawberries and an apple for my 2 fruits! I am also keeping up my daily water intake and today managed 3 litres.

This is all from me today.Hope your day went well.


Love J.L







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