Day 149-151: Amazing Monday night nutrition classes

26 11 2011

Hey guys

So the past couple of days have been productive. I thought I would take today to let you know a bit more about the nutrition classes I have been going to, how I am finding it, my different results through the classes so far and how to join me!!

I have been doing really well with my food this week. I am being more adventurous with my cooking, and am cooking everyday! No more fast and convenient foods! I am really thinking about what types of food of put in to my cooking whether I am trying to add more fibre or more lean protein. I am overwhelmed with the amount of information I have been able to retain from my Monday evening nutrition classes!

Every week we learn something new, we participate in different activities, tests, group discussions etc. Every class is about a different topic so there is a huge variety of food knowledge being learnt and passed around. Generally we all meet at 7pm, weigh in and do our waist measurements for the week and then get in to the challenge that was set out for the week, to see how everyone has gotten on and to compare notes. Some of our weekly  are as follows:

– trying as many different types of exercise in a week

– drinking 8 glasses of water a day

-writing a food log every day for a week

– tracking the amount of steps you do every day for a week

– getting your 5+ a day

These weekly challenges are extremely helpful. Every week you are adding or changing something in your life. Remember that the point of our nutrition classes is not a fast weight drop but a lifestyle change. And it is difficult to change something you have been doing all your life. If you are used to eating takeaways every night  and not doing any exercise it is hard to change from that to home cooking every night with super healthy meals and exercising 6 days a week. The trick is definitely little by little. Small changes in your daily life. If you can for a week concentrate on drinking 8 glasses of water a day and are successful then the next week you can try something else and continue this to a healthier lifestyle.

It is important to know that in order to change your life you need too make realistic goals, achievable goals. This make take longer but they will stick in the long run… You have to walk before you can run!

We then talk about the topic for the night, whether its protein, metabolism, healthy breakfasts, fibre…the list really does go on, nutrition is endless and it really is all about balance! We also have small prizes throughout the night and then there is also a sampling dish. Some one is rostered on to bring a healthy dish for the group to sample, and if you like it then everyone can grab the recipe. It is such a wonderful idea.

I always leave our Monday night sessions on a good note and feeling motivated. It gives me that boost to carry on a healthy run for the next week. There are group emails that go around. It really is a support network. And not everyone is there to lose weight. Some have lost the weight and are learning how to maintain it, some have other health issues and generally want to live a healthier lifestyle. It is great for everyone.

Please let me know if you are interested in more information. It is a fantastic group to be a part of, and it really has changed me for the good. Another great thing is that it only costs $50 for the 12 week class. Definitely worth your money. Trust me I am a struggling student so I am very careful about where my money goes. This would definitely be the best $50 I have ever spent. It is now week 8 and I am really looking forward to continuing another 12 weeks in the new year after all the xmas and family gatherings.

Happy Living Everyone!

Love J.L





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