Day 152 & 153: Sad news and monday nutrition class!

28 11 2011

Hey guys!

So yesterday was such a beautiful day in Auckland wasn’t it? The sun was shining and bought with it lots of blue unclouded sky!

We had a family meeting at the Garden Inn. There was no shortage of yummy food either. There was corned beef, taro, kfc, roasted chicken, curry…the list goes on. I was however proud of the fact, I didn’t venture near the kfc or corned beef, and piled my plate with some yummy salad, a bit of coleslaw, a piece of grilled taro (no coconut cream) and a piece of chicken breast with no skin. Plus lots of water!!! It was awesome to catch up with all the family. Sometimes it’s ridiculously hard to get everyone together, but the turn out was fantastic!

This morning however was not such a smiley day for me. It started with an appointment with my sports physician. If you are not aware of my current state of health, here’s a quick update…. I had surgery on my shins and calf muscles, but my biomechanics aren’t that great which have left me with some very week inner knee and butt muscles but over worked quad and shin muscles, which has resulted in my knees being pulled outwards and are not currently sitting in the right groove, which in turn has lead to the breaking down of all the cartilage in both knees. Now because this problem is so severe, it has affected and shortened my nerves right up through my back and neck. So I haven’t really been sleeping well, and I am not allowed to do any exercise what so ever. No cycling, swimming or even walking!

Anyway I went to my appointment and the doctor sort of gave me that sympathetic look, the sorry look! He basically can’t do anything for me, it is a bit beyond him at this stage and he has suggested some bloody tests and a full body bone scan which I am going to do on Thursday and he has referred me on to another doctor as well as alternative help. So this hasn’t got me started on a good note. I spent the rest of my day sort of moping around, not eating much etc. But I was determined to get to my Monday evening nutrition class.

Tonight’s class was so awesome, we had a master chef challenge where we all had to come up with a low sugar, fruit drink for the summer. So out came all the different types of fruit, some veges, sad waters, juices, flavours etc! It was very fun!!

I was a bit disappointed with my weight loss tonight. I was very good this week. And really looked at my food portions and everything I was actually eating but I still only lost 200grams this week. i know that not exercising is affecting me so much but it still sux balls!!

I’m looking on the bright side and 200grams is still a loss!

Talk again soon


Love J.L





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