Day 154-156: Romantic but FREE date night!

1 12 2011

Hey guys!

Who said that spoiling your loved one needs to be expensive? And who said that treating yourselves to a fancy dinner has to get in the way of your weight loss goals?

Last night I decided it was my night to treat Jeremy to a well planned, romantic evening. And although I do not have the cash, I was determined to make it a good night. So here is what I did…

First I tidied up the deck area, and cleared some space. Then I got a nice dining table, grabbed a nice table cloth, some candles, flowers from the garden and set up the most perfect dining table. I found the nice plates, glasses, coffee mugs, cutlery etc and planned what I was going to do for the evening’s dinner.

I kept in mind that we are both trying to lose weight so I set up a degustation menu ( 6 course meal), all with well thought out recipes! I also wanted to make the night extra special, so got the family involved and asked my cousin Terina whether she wouldn’t mind playing waitress for the evening. She dressed up in a white shirt, and black skirt and came over before Jeremy arrived so that I could explain each step of my plan.

Now Jeremy had no idea what I was up to. As far as he was concerned he had to dress up because I had arranged a surprise outing for the both of us somewhere in town. So I started cooking up our meals at 5pm and Jeremy arrived at 7.30pm. We hopped into mums car straight away and I drove him up to One Tree Hill to make him think we were actually going somewhere. He was dressed up in a suit and tie and I had a long floor length dress, with my hair done nicely and make up done to perfection. The sun was setting as we were driving up the mountain, and ofcourse stunning views combined with a sunset is always so romantical! We continued back down the mountain and back towards my house. My excuse was that I forgot my wallet.

We arrived back home and to Jeremy’s surprise Terina greeted us at the door and showed us to our table on the deck. She had been instructed on every little bit of my plan and had it all written out for her step by step. We were seated and then bought some cooled iced lemon water, our candles were lit, and then we were bought a champaign cocktail (minus the alcohol)! We sipped and laughed at tonight’s date. Then came out our first dish which I had prepared a lot earlier. A tuna and boiled egg salad. Each course that we got also came with a pre written note of my reassurance of appreciation and love. This dish was then followed by a light 99% fat free and very low sugar passionfruit sorbet to cleanse the palette before the next meal. Our main dish was roasted veges including pumpkin,potato,onion,mushroom and capsicum, rice and steak cut up into little stir fry pieces and cooked in a low fat cranberry sauce. The meal was perfect! It was then followed by our dessert. A dollop of vanilla with tiny cut iced fruit salad. We finished off with coffee and a plate of petite four’s.

It was all home made, everything found from the fridge or freezer. Flowers from the garden. A borrowed waitress. Didn’t cost a cent but was better than an evening out at a 5 star restaurant $300 later. This way we were able to enjoy our date night, with worry of costs, we were also able to control what we had to eat. I made sure that our meals were high in fibre, I kept all of the roasted vege skins on, low in carbohydrate and sugars, high in protein and lots of salad. We left out the alcohol but still had fun with a tropical mocktail at the beginning of our dinner.

We the ended the night with a bit of tv, and that was it. Definitely a good idea, if you are a bit skint and are also worried about heading out, and what foods to choose. It was also a good excuse for us too dress up to the max even though we were only dining at home!

Hope that made you smile 🙂

Love J.L





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