Day 174-183: Xmas Celebrations!!

28 12 2011

Hello everyone,

How fast has Christmas come and gone? I swear it gets faster every year!

I have been hugely busy with lots of work at the moment. Over the last couple of months I had been looking for work and about 4 weeks ago I was lucky enough to be offered two jobs. Each working hand in hand with each other in terms of hours. So I do about 30 hours at one place and 20 hours at the other. Gives me a good chance to start saving again. Although I did spend my first pay packet on lots of christmas gifts and pressies for myself.

Xmas eve and xmas day was a goodie! I worked christmas eve and finished at 4pm, just enough time to get my last bits and pieces before heading to my nanas for a traditional xmas eve dinner and presents. I was quite pleased with myself as I didn’t over indulge in all the goodies covering the dining table. We were spoilt with gifts this year as well.

Xmas day was just as busy, as we went over to our cousins house at 10am for xmas presents, then I shot over to Jeremy’s for a champagne xmas breakfast, and then popped back home for xmas lunch and then back to jeremy’s for dinner. We were all so exhausted and need boxing day for a bit of a sleep in.

Boxing day was lovely. I bought many gifts for myself and bought my gorgeous little God daughter her christening present. I then had an extended family bbq up at One Tree Hill, so this was a good time to chill with food and drinks again and catch up with family!

This week back at work has been very very busy due to our massive sales. Tonight I cooked a yummy lasagne, probably not the healthiest option, and started my engagement party invites which I hope to be all done and dusted by tomorrow night. I’m pretty tired right now so will talk to you again tomorrow about what I have install for the new upcoming year!


Lots of love






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