Day 190: Engagement Party Planning!!

4 01 2012

Hey everyone,

So tonight I thought I would leave the health sector and talk about my personal life! This week Jeremy and I have been planning our engagement party for next weekend. We finished our home made invites and have sent out about half of them. We are now looking at our finger food menu, decorations, music etc.

A friend of mine is a fashion designer and I have needed a nice dress to wear to special occasions for ages so am having a special one made so that I can wear it to the engagement party! Super excited especially since I am trying it on tomorrow!!

There is quite a bit to do but we are extremely lucky and have some wonderful friends and family bringing and making food which will be a huge help!

We have decided to have it at the Garden Inn Hotel by the pool so I am praying for good weather… especially since the weather lately has been shocking!

Now I have never been to an engagement party before so am not quite sure with what happens in terms of speeches etc. But Jeremy will be telling the story of how we met  and I will do all the thank you’s!

Apart from that I think we are pretty much sorted! Woohoo. And what’s perfect is that it is a byo event, cheap finger food and a free venue so we can still celebrate and important time with the people we love without breaking the bank!

Hope you all had a great day. Talk tomorrow!!!

Love J.L





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