Day 191-195: Ready to get back on track everyone??

9 01 2012

Hey guys!

So normally over the xmas break I don’t worry too much about sticking to an extreme diet. You have to enjoy the xmas/new years break, it comes once a year, and it’s a good time to reward yourself for a good year, and spend lots of time with the people you love and enjoying some gorgeous food. My xmas/new years period this year in terms of food wasn’t as bad as last year. I always tend to pig out like food is going to disappear. This year however, I enjoyed a yummy xmas breakfast lunch and dinner, but not to the extent where I left feeling bloated and not being able to walk!

I may have put on a couple of kg’s, I am not sure yet as I will wait until weigh in, in the first week of February when our next 12 week session of nutrition classes start up again.

I am however really missing the exercise. It still gets me down every so often. Especially when I see people joining new gyms, starting back at netball pre season trainings or playing a friendly game of volley! I really want to get my health back on track this year, starting with my injuries! I have an MRI scan coming up with some new blood tests and most probably will be needing surgery for the cyst I have on my ovary. Hopefully after all of this I can get in to some sort of exercise whether it’s swimming or walking just to start off with. My main goal is to be able to get back to the gym and continue with the workouts that I had built up on over the first few months that  started this blog!

Today, being monday, and 6 days left until the engagement party on Saturday, I have decided to get back in to the “nutrition” routine, and get back on track after this wonderful break I have had.

So starting my goal today again is to drink those 8 glasses of water, have my 6 meals for the day and watch my portion sizes!

I will start off with my breakfast. Tonight I will let you know how my day went!

Love J.L





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