Day 195 : Continued

9 01 2012

Update from today!

So didn’t get my 8 glasses of water, did about 4! Probably because work was extremely busy and barely got a break. By the time I made my lunch I had about 3 minutes to eat it, downed it with one glass of water and went back to work.

I had a very small breakfast, my first snack, my lunch, a snack went I got home, dinner and then I had a hot cuppa just now. So i guess thats about 6 meals. Tomorrow I will concentrate on getting my 8 glasses, and I think taking a drink bottle and sipping it slowly through the day will be a better plan. I have a 1 liter bottle so that will be good. I am also going to try my hardest to increase my protein for each meal as the only protein I had today was for lunch and dinner!


Portion sizes were good however, and I have been left a little hungry this evening, but I am trying to keep myself occupied with other things and get an early night so that I’m not tempted by the kitchen!!

I also bought a really nice blazer/jacket today from Jackie E. It was a little expensive, not too bad but a bit more than I should be spending on clothes at the moment, especially after buying a new dress and lots of different things for the engagement party!

Please everyone pray for sun on saturday! The engagement party would be perfect outdoors by the pool, and if it rains we will be squeezed inside…yuck! This summer’s weather is so gay!! I can’t believe it’s already been a month and a half of summer and we haven’t had decent on going sun!


Tha’ts all for tonight. See you tomorrow 🙂

Love J.L





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