Day 196: Slowly but Surely!

10 01 2012

Good evening everyone!

Have been super busy at work but made sure that I got my 6 meals today which i am happy about! I am a bit annoyed that I once again didn’t get my 8 glasses of water! I forgot my drink bottle so sipped a little out of a glass only every 3 hours (not so good)!

I am back to working two jobs tomorrow so will be starting at 8am and finishing at 6pm tomorrow, not too bad, Thursday will be the same but friday will be a killer, 8am-9.30pm! argh! So the three day break I get starting Saturday will be well earned! And I am super excited for the engagement party now, everything is sorted!

I am thinking of going back to the gym, although I am not allowed too, I may be able to get a green prescription at the onehunga Aquasports Gym which means i only pay like $13 and get full use of the pool, spa, sauna and gym! I know I wont be able to do any cardio machines, but I may try swimming again! I will have to take it easy and maybe will start by doing only 20 laps to start, and will build from there. Don’t want to over d it though! And at the gym I could maybe do upper body and tummy work but sadly no leg or cardio work!

I have an appointment on Monday for my legs so hopefully I can get back to you guys with some good news finally!

Tonight mum cooked roast pork, I had lots of roasted veges and the pork was very lean which was good. However she also made an apple crumble which I could not turn down, especially since she doesnt bake very often. So I had a little bit with some vanilla icecream.

Looking forward to tomorrow.

Love J.L






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