Day 197: Two jobs, one break and a whole lot of carrots!

11 01 2012

Hey guys!

Today I started work at 8am at Auckland Rugby League and finished at 10.30am just in time to rush over to Sylvia Park to start at Nood at 11am!

So I did 8-10.30am and then 11-6pm with one half hour break! I guess I am a little tired.

My high light today was seeing my good friend Harry, that I lived with in England back in 2007. He now lives in Sydney but was in Auckland for a little while so I managed to catch up with him for 30 minutes over a cup of yummy green jasmine tea!

Work today at Nood just dragged on because it was so tired. I even went around and wiped down every table and bench around the store to kill time, didn’t work! So for breakfast I had a cup of coffee, a banana and some bread. For morning tea I had some cereal with milk and a cup of water. I had some roasted veges from last night’s dinner for lunch and then had three carrots after work. By the time 6pm comes around I am starving!

I have noticed this pattern so make sure that I have a good healthy snack to munch on after work. I got home and then started on dinner. Mum put some mince out to cook so I made a lasagne and some roasted veges to go with! I am so full right now, although I didn’t eat that much. I’m finishing my night off with a nice hot shower and a bit of Kardashian tv before hitting the sack!

Sorry this post seems a bit rushed with out any pictures, have been super busy and honestly I am so exhausted!

Will talk again tomorrow

Love J.L





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