Day 198: If things aren’t going right for you now…weight it out!

12 01 2012

Hey guys!

Supper short post tonight!

I am so excited to day as I ahve had some really good news, but cannot share it with you guys just yet, so you will just have to sit tight!

My day was quite busy. I started work at 8am and finished at about 6.30pm. I went to a friend to get a spray tan (my first one) and I absolutely love it! I love being brown, apart from being slim it is my favourite thing ever!

I haven’t been out much, I am always cooped up indoors at work so haven’t been able to see the little sun that we have gotten. I am pasty pasty! Gross! Not any more though!

Busy day again tomorrow so am going to hit the sack but before I go il let you know what i ate today.

Breakfast: Coffee and Toast

Morning Tea: Banana and apple

Lunch: Roasted veges with a tiny bit of lasagne

Afternoon tea: Carrot and some vita wheat crackers

Dinner: Skinless breast chicken with salad and a bit of rice

Tea: Tuna on vita wheat crackers!


That’s all im capable of tonight sorry, I am falling asleep writing this!

Love J.L





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