8 02 2012

Hey my friends!

It has been 27 days since I have written, and let me tell you, I feel extremely ashamed, embarrassed and just down right annoyed at myself. Not just because I have ditched my online journal for the past month, but because I have slowly put some weight back on. Now as I see it I have exactly 140 days until my blog posts have been up for a year. I really need to get going again, slim down, shed these extra unwanted kilos and live a better life for myself. So I think, to start, I will give you a quick low down of what I have been doing over the past 27 days and then move on to my plan from here on…

So on the 14th of January Jeremy and I hosted our engagement party by the garden inn hotel pool, with lots of food and drink, a couple of speeches and great mingling til early hours of the morning. Heres a picture of the two of us on the evening.


I also have been to and from different doctors, medical advisors, scans and ultra sounds and have finally been told what I have. After all of the testing, seeking advise from so many different people, being told what I can and can’t do… I went to see a muscular-skeletal doctor who has told me I have marfans syndrome which is basically where all of my connective tissue that supports my muscles and bones is too flexible, so it stretches way past what they should, which causes a lot of strain on my joints,muscles and bones. So basically no more weight baring exercises, no running, no netball…ever again. But I can continue to swim and I can go back to the gym but I will be restricted to certain exercises and will have to perform these exercises in a very specific way! I also am going to be having surgery to remove my cyst on my ovary, cut out any endo etc.

I have also been continuing both jobs at Auckland Rugby League and at the Nood store at the Apex centre. So have been busy working and saving and saving.


Last week also, my poor aunty Mary Yandall passed away. Many of you may have heard of her or seen her, or heard her sing. She was one of the three yandall sisters. Her funeral was such a lovely send off and was then followed by her memorial party with lots more singing.



So now I have to really get back on track with my eating again. Tomorrow i will need to start by drinking my 8 glasses of water, and grab a good filling breakfast before work and making sure I get my 3 main meals and six snacks. I have been given the green light to get back in to the pool which I am very excited about. I am a little nervous, I must say, it has been such a long time since I last exercised and I will be so unfit. But i will need to make sure this doesn’t get me too down. Fitness can always be regained!


Talk again tomorrow.

That’s a promise.

Love J.L





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