Day 253: Healing time, nutrition class and netball!

7 03 2012

Hi everyone,

It’s good to be back after being sick for about 4 weeks straight. I am definitely on the mend, I am back at work, back at my nutrition classes on a Monday night, back in to netball coaching and exciting news….back into exercise in one more week! Yay I absolutely cannot wait. I have a green prescription as well which makes things a bit cheaper for me. But I have been advised to get a personal trainer as my doctor does not trust me just yet, not to go all out and injure myself again…apparently I need some guidance!

So I will have a personal trainer to work with once or twice a week who will work along side my doctor and he will work me through my rehabilitation step by step. It will take a while for me to be able to get back in to full motion, but at least I can start. So where can I start you may ask? First, in a weeks time I can get back into the pool. I have been advised just to start off doing 10 minutes only for a few days a week and then I can increase this by 2 minutes every third day, if my body is coping. I can also get in to the gym for some light weight work. Once again I will need a trainer to help me and make sure I am not lifting too heavy or over doing it.

On the bright side I have been told that if I can get in to the swing of things and build up my strength again I may be able to cope with playing netball once a week. I wont be able to play prems again with all of the training and the games, but I was told I may be able to play a game of netball once a week. That is my goal, but as I said before it will take a while to get to that point.


I also have an operation coming up, that will be a big help with my health issues. It is on the 19th of March and they are removing the cyst, which is great news. I will be out of action for a little while, but I will still be able to attend my nutrition classes and coach from the sideline!

Now I went to my first nutrition class on Monday night. I tell you it was so good to be back! I had missed everyone incredibly and just the support and positive vibe that came from the session was enough to get me motivated again and get started back on the right track. I am pleased as I haven’t put too much weight back on, considering my sickness, and not being able to exercise for the last 6 months. Our class was on breakfast, and the importance of breakfast to losing weight. So I had a very yummy breakfast on Tuesday morning…1 egg, half a capsicum, 1/4 onion, 1/2 tomato all scrambled up together on a piece of whole grain toast. And what a difference that did for my day. I chomped on a carrot at about 10am and by lunch time I wasn’t starving which is what I usually am by that time. However I did go down to the cafe down the road and got a caesar salad with out the anchovies and cheese. I enjoyed it very much and had a yummy vegetable soup for dinner.

I am carrying around a drink bottle with me again so that I can keep up my water intake, and changing my morning coffee’s for a cup of hot raspberry herbal tea.

I am going to stop here, so that i can explain a bit more in tomorrow’s post. I am glad to be back and I hope that my health can carry my through the following months as I start exercising again.


Lots of LOVE






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