Flat and Firm Tire

Hey everyone!

Today was my official start date. It is the 28th of June, the first day of my 365 day weight loss challenge!

Today was a Cardio Day and tummy day for me.

Tummy Exercises:

1st exercise: 20 repetitions of straight sit ups.

Hands rested behind head, make sure not to pull on your neck, tighten your tummy and roll up using those awesome stomach muscles.

2nd exercise: 15 repetitions of dumbbell lengthens.

You will need a 2kg or 3kg dumbbell. Lie on you back and pull your legs up with knees bent, hold dumbbell with two hands and hold above you tummy with arms straight. Your hands and knees should both meet above your belly button. Then in one movement lengthen your arms (still straight) so that the dumbbell touches the floor behind your head and stretch your legs out so that the become straight, and then move them back to the centre again. This is one movement, repeat 15 times.

3rd exercise: 20 repetitions of straight/bent legs.

Lie on your back with your hands tucked under your behind. Pull both legs up with knees bent so they are parallel to the floor. One at a time lengthen one leg so that it is straight out and only a few centimeters above the floor (the other leg should still be bent), repeat this with the other leg. Repeat this 20 times.

Now that you have done one round of 3 different exercises, repeat it again until you have completed 3 rounds.

I will post up pictures and videos so that these instructions make sense!

Good Luck to me and any one else following. See you tomorrow

Love J.L



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