Hey everyone!

Today was my official start date. It is the 28th of June, the first day of my 365 day weight loss challenge!

Today was a Cardio Day and tummy day for me. The 6 day routine that I explained in a previous post includes 3 cardio days a week.

I have been told by my personal trainer that a shorter but intense workout is far better than one that drags on. Follow me every day except for Sunday for my 6 day workout.

When I do cardio I will be sticking to an intense 20 minute interval training. The goal is to raise your heart rate into the cardiovascular training zone. This is 75% – 90% of your maximum heart rate. Your maximum heart rate is 220 – your age in years.

Works on effort levels 1 -10. 1 is sitting on the couch and 10 is omg i’m going to die.

Below is how it works:

Start with a warm up of:

2 mins at your own effort level 5

Repeat the following four minutes four times:

1 minute effort level 6

1 min effort level 7

1 min effort level 8

1 min effort level 9

Now finish off with:

1 min effort level 10 – going as hard as you can

1 min effort level 5 – cool down

This works because your heart rate will stay elevated long after you have finished the actual exercise and your metabolism will be faster for 3-4 hours afterwards thus burning more fat! This takes practise to get the levels right so keep at it.

Today I did my 20 min session on the bike. My effort level 5, was level 10 on the bike, and I increased each effort level by one level on the machine. So after 20 min I rode 9.3km, my legs and butt were absolutely burning through my tights, and were wobbly straight after as I struggled up the stairs to the changing room. 

Love J.L



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