Day 197: Two jobs, one break and a whole lot of carrots!

11 01 2012

Hey guys!

Today I started work at 8am at Auckland Rugby League and finished at 10.30am just in time to rush over to Sylvia Park to start at Nood at 11am!

So I did 8-10.30am and then 11-6pm with one half hour break! I guess I am a little tired.

My high light today was seeing my good friend Harry, that I lived with in England back in 2007. He now lives in Sydney but was in Auckland for a little while so I managed to catch up with him for 30 minutes over a cup of yummy green jasmine tea!

Work today at Nood just dragged on because it was so tired. I even went around and wiped down every table and bench around the store to kill time, didn’t work! So for breakfast I had a cup of coffee, a banana and some bread. For morning tea I had some cereal with milk and a cup of water. I had some roasted veges from last night’s dinner for lunch and then had three carrots after work. By the time 6pm comes around I am starving!

I have noticed this pattern so make sure that I have a good healthy snack to munch on after work. I got home and then started on dinner. Mum put some mince out to cook so I made a lasagne and some roasted veges to go with! I am so full right now, although I didn’t eat that much. I’m finishing my night off with a nice hot shower and a bit of Kardashian tv before hitting the sack!

Sorry this post seems a bit rushed with out any pictures, have been super busy and honestly I am so exhausted!

Will talk again tomorrow

Love J.L



Day 196: Slowly but Surely!

10 01 2012

Good evening everyone!

Have been super busy at work but made sure that I got my 6 meals today which i am happy about! I am a bit annoyed that I once again didn’t get my 8 glasses of water! I forgot my drink bottle so sipped a little out of a glass only every 3 hours (not so good)!

I am back to working two jobs tomorrow so will be starting at 8am and finishing at 6pm tomorrow, not too bad, Thursday will be the same but friday will be a killer, 8am-9.30pm! argh! So the three day break I get starting Saturday will be well earned! And I am super excited for the engagement party now, everything is sorted!

I am thinking of going back to the gym, although I am not allowed too, I may be able to get a green prescription at the onehunga Aquasports Gym which means i only pay like $13 and get full use of the pool, spa, sauna and gym! I know I wont be able to do any cardio machines, but I may try swimming again! I will have to take it easy and maybe will start by doing only 20 laps to start, and will build from there. Don’t want to over d it though! And at the gym I could maybe do upper body and tummy work but sadly no leg or cardio work!

I have an appointment on Monday for my legs so hopefully I can get back to you guys with some good news finally!

Tonight mum cooked roast pork, I had lots of roasted veges and the pork was very lean which was good. However she also made an apple crumble which I could not turn down, especially since she doesnt bake very often. So I had a little bit with some vanilla icecream.

Looking forward to tomorrow.

Love J.L



Day 195 : Continued

9 01 2012

Update from today!

So didn’t get my 8 glasses of water, did about 4! Probably because work was extremely busy and barely got a break. By the time I made my lunch I had about 3 minutes to eat it, downed it with one glass of water and went back to work.

I had a very small breakfast, my first snack, my lunch, a snack went I got home, dinner and then I had a hot cuppa just now. So i guess thats about 6 meals. Tomorrow I will concentrate on getting my 8 glasses, and I think taking a drink bottle and sipping it slowly through the day will be a better plan. I have a 1 liter bottle so that will be good. I am also going to try my hardest to increase my protein for each meal as the only protein I had today was for lunch and dinner!


Portion sizes were good however, and I have been left a little hungry this evening, but I am trying to keep myself occupied with other things and get an early night so that I’m not tempted by the kitchen!!

I also bought a really nice blazer/jacket today from Jackie E. It was a little expensive, not too bad but a bit more than I should be spending on clothes at the moment, especially after buying a new dress and lots of different things for the engagement party!

Please everyone pray for sun on saturday! The engagement party would be perfect outdoors by the pool, and if it rains we will be squeezed inside…yuck! This summer’s weather is so gay!! I can’t believe it’s already been a month and a half of summer and we haven’t had decent on going sun!


Tha’ts all for tonight. See you tomorrow ūüôā

Love J.L


Day 191-195: Ready to get back on track everyone??

9 01 2012

Hey guys!

So normally over the xmas break I don’t worry too much about sticking to an extreme diet. You have to enjoy the xmas/new years break, it comes once a year, and it’s a good time to reward yourself for a good year, and spend lots of time with the people you love and enjoying some gorgeous food. My xmas/new years period this year in terms of food wasn’t as bad as last year. I always tend to pig out like food is going to disappear. This year however, I enjoyed a yummy xmas breakfast lunch and dinner, but not to the extent where I left feeling bloated and not being able to walk!

I may have put on a couple of kg’s, I am not sure yet as I will wait until weigh in, in the first week of February when our next 12 week session of nutrition classes start up again.

I am however really missing the exercise. It still gets me down every so often. Especially when I see people joining new gyms, starting back at netball pre season trainings or playing a friendly game of volley! I really want to get my health back on track this year, starting with my injuries! I have an MRI scan coming up with some new blood tests and most probably will be needing surgery for the cyst I have on my ovary. Hopefully after all of this I can get in to some sort of exercise whether it’s swimming or walking just to start off with. My main goal is to be able to get back to the gym and continue with the workouts that I had built up on over the first few months that ¬†started this blog!

Today, being monday, and 6 days left until the engagement party on Saturday, I have decided to get back in to the “nutrition” routine, and get back on track after this wonderful break I have had.

So starting my goal today again is to drink those 8 glasses of water, have my 6 meals for the day and watch my portion sizes!

I will start off with my breakfast. Tonight I will let you know how my day went!

Love J.L


Day 190: Engagement Party Planning!!

4 01 2012

Hey everyone,

So tonight I thought I would leave the health sector and talk about my personal life! This week Jeremy and I have been planning our engagement party for next weekend. We finished our home made invites and have sent out about half of them. We are now looking at our finger food menu, decorations, music etc.

A friend of mine is a fashion designer and I have needed a nice dress to wear to special occasions for ages so am having a special one made so that I can wear it to the engagement party! Super excited especially since I am trying it on tomorrow!!

There is quite a bit to do but we are extremely lucky and have some wonderful friends and family bringing and making food which will be a huge help!

We have decided to have it at the Garden Inn Hotel by the pool so I am praying for good weather… especially since the weather lately has been shocking!

Now I have never been to an engagement party before so am not quite sure with what happens in terms of speeches etc. But Jeremy will be telling the story of how we met ¬†and I will do all the thank you’s!

Apart from that I think we are pretty much sorted! Woohoo. And what’s perfect is that it is a byo event, cheap finger food and a free venue so we can still celebrate and important time with the people we love without breaking the bank!

Hope you all had a great day. Talk tomorrow!!!

Love J.L


Week 27:Day 189: 25 Ways to Get Fit for Less Than $25

3 01 2012

Hello Friends!

Everyone’s holding their wallets and purse strings a little tighter these days. But that doesn’t mean that you have to give up on getting fit just because times are tight. Exercise¬†can be easy to fit into your day, just as it can be inexpensive, even free! Check out these 25 ways you can get fit for less than $25. Whether you’re just getting started or want to refresh your routine without going broke, there’s something for everyone!

1. Resistance band (or tube) $15¬†This is by far the most versatile piece of equipment you can buy. I’ve long touted the benefits of bands, which you can use to strength training every single muscle in your body, whether you’re a beginner or advanced exerciser, at home or on the road.

2. SparkPeople’s free workout videos¬†$0¬†¬†You’ll find strength, aerobics (cardio), Pilates, flexibility and more so you can constantly change up your routine without spending a dime on new workouts.

3. Walking and running $0¬†Provided that you already have a good pair of shoes, walking and running are great ways to fit in cardio‚ÄĒyou don’t have to fight the crowds at the gym (let alone pay for a membership), and you can adapt your routine in distance, time and speed as you get more fit. Need ideas? Get walking workouts¬†and running programs¬†from SparkPeople.

4. Pedometer $15-$20¬†Studies show that when people wear a pedometer, they tend to take more steps throughout the day. A pedometer¬†can be a really motivational tool, allowing you to set goals (aim for 10,000 steps per day) and try to increase your steps over time. If walking alone doesn’t sound fun to you, this little gadget just may provide the motivation you need.

5. Gliding discs $20¬†You may have seen these discs at the gym or on TV. They are a fun way to add new exercises to your strength training repertoire, and most discs come with a pamphlet with instructions and exercise ideas. Of course, you’ll need more than gliding discs alone to get in shape, but if you’re looking for something new that doesn’t break the bank, they can be a fun option. You can also you paper plates as a free substitute for commercial discs.

6. Library $0¬†Believe it or not, your local library provides lots of fitness options, from DVDs to VHS tapes and fitness books. Use your library to try new fitness DVDs all the time! You can switch as often as you’d like, which is a great way to avoid a plateau.

7. Stability ball $15-$20 Like resistance bands, stability balls (also called physio, Swiss or exercise balls) are extremely versatile. They can be incorporated into cardio routines, yoga, Pilates, stretching, and of course, full body strength training (whether used alone or in combination with bands or dumbbells).

8. SparkPeople’s Workout¬†Generator $0¬†Coaches have designed over 100 strength training workouts for every fitness level and goal. Whether you have no equipment at all, or use of small items like dumbbells, you’ll find plenty of ways to reach your goals (and easily track your workouts) using the Workout Generator.

9. DVD $5-$20 If you prefer to exercise at home, fitness DVDs are always a great option. Some are better than others, so always read reviews from other consumers (check out before you buy. You can get them cheaper by buying used whenever possible. When you get tired of your own DVDs, sell them to someone else who wants them and put that money towards a new title.BUY IT!

10. Pilates or yoga session $10-$25¬†Even without being a member, most gyms will let you pay to take classes. If you’re looking for new workout ideas or just to try something new, you could spend your $25 on a single group or semi-private yoga, Pilates or Pilates Reformer session with an experienced instructor. A splurge like this could also be a fun way to reward yourself monthly or semi-annually for all your hard work!

11. Personal trainer in training $0-$20 Find out if your local gym or university offers such a program, which helps personal trainers get valuable experience. You can use the time to ask questions, get exercise ideas, or just simply get a great workout for less money.

12. Jump rope $5-$10¬†Get your cardio on by skipping! It’s inexpensive, fun and a super calorie burner.

13. Aerobics step (used) $25¬†You can make up your own cardio step routine, buy (or borrow) an inexpensive step DVD, or incorporate the step into your strength training exercises (such as lying on it as a bench, adding inclines to lunges, adding declines to pushups and more). These are expensive items when new (near $100), but I’ve seen many used ones for sale for around $20‚ÄĒa great buy!

14. Community recreation center $10-$25 Your local community recreation center might not be bright and shiny like a big box gym, but they often have some exercise options, like cardio and strength training machines and access to dumbbells, swimming pools, basketball courts and more. Check it out and find out what yours has to offer. Membership is usually a low, annual rate that you may find more worthwhile than the high cost of a gym.

15. Garage sales $1-$25¬†Garage sales are notorious for selling gently-used exercise equipment, videos, and even bigger ticket items (like bikes and treadmills) for a fraction of the cost. Check your local classifieds for key “fitness” words and show up early to snag a deal!

16. Trademe $0-$25¬†Visit¬†to find local people selling their stuff and giving it away for free. Pay with cash and pick it up yourself. You’ll save on everything from home gyms to yoga mats.

17. YouTube $0¬†¬†Have a favorite video instructor? Want to try that Tae-Bo workout everyone has been talking about? Search for keywords on YouTube and you just may find the whole workout you’re looking for‚ÄĒfor free!

18. Mini ball $10-$13¬†You may have seen infomercials for the “Bender Ball,” but these mini fitness balls have been used among instructors and trainers for years. If you’re an intermediate to advanced exerciser, you can probably discover countless ways to incorporate this ball into your strength training routines. If not, you can buy the Bender Ball and accompanying abs DVD for under $13.

19. Podcasts $0¬†If you use iTunes already, then finding Podcasts will be easy for you. Most are free, and you can get audio or video podcasts that you can download to your computer or iPod‚ÄĒeverything from yoga routines to cardio workouts. Other websites offer workout podcasts, too. Just do an Internet search for what you’re looking for, such as “Free Pilates podcast” and see what turns up!

20. Playground $0¬†They’re not just for kids‚ÄĒthey’re full of fitness opportunities for adults, too! Try pull-ups on the bars, dips on the benches, climbing across the monkey bars or whatever you can think of. Who ever thought exercise could be this fun?

21. Park $0¬†I love walking and hiking in my local park although I can’t at the moment. It’s a great way to enjoy the nice weather, meet new people, and get fit all at once‚ÄĒespecially if your park is hilly.

22. Sports equipment $10-$25 Remember how fun it was to play sports like basketball, volleyball, soccer and more? Grab your family and friends; pick up a ball, and play!

23. Join a sports league $25¬†Most adult sports leagues cost a small fee to join. You’ll get access to fields and gyms where you can practice with your team and play a sport competitively, which can be a great workout, depending on your sport.

24. Balance trainer $15-$25 There are a lot of balance trainers out there, from balance boards to bubble-shaped discs, which can improve core strength and add intensity to your standard strength training moves. Some smaller, inexpensive models are available, and these can add variety, challenge and fun to your routine.

25. Stairs $0¬†Do you ever find it strange that people will drive to a gym to endlessly climb a Stairmaster machine? Take your cardio workout to the stairs in your house, office or another building that you have access to. Whether you walk, hop or run up them, at least you’re paying nothing and going somewhere!


That’s it for tonight guys

Hope you have a good evening. Love J.L


Day 184-188:The Worst New Year’s Resolutions You Can Make!

2 01 2012

Start Strong by Starting with the Right Goals

As December comes to a close and January starts, people all over the globe are preparing for New Year’s festivities and chatting with friends about their goals and dreams for the coming year. I have to admit that I have a love-hate relationship with New Year’s resolutions. While a commitment to a change is a great way to jump start your healthy lifestyle, sometimes people are so brazen about boasting their goals that detailed plans and effective strategies for reaching them can get glossed over.

Below is a list of the most common New Year’s resolutions that are almost destined to be dumped by early February. Are you guilty of setting vague and ineffective resolutions like these? Don’t worry, I have: But here’s how to create goals that will motivate you to succeed long after the confetti has fallen.

Resolution #1:  I will completely cut out bad food!
After a holiday season of excessive indulgence, many people decide to quit smoking cold turkey, swear off alcohol altogether, or ban all sweets forever. How many times have you said, “If I never see another Christmas cookie or scorched almond, it will be too soon”? While it can initially feel empowering to “just say no” to unhealthy habits, parting ways with a longtime vice is likely to leave you feeling deprived and desperate in the long run. Some research shows that swearing off certain foods actually makes you think about them more and feel powerless in their presence!

Resolution Revamp: ¬†Forget about nixing your caffeine, nicotine or sugar fix for good. Instead, set a goal to¬†add¬†something healthy to your daily routine. When you’re trying to boost wellness, behavior science has proven that it is much easier to¬†increase¬†a healthy new behavior than to get rid of an old one. So a better goal than banning soda might be to focus on drinking 8 cups of water¬†every day. Or, if you feel powerless around sugar, rather than focusing on avoiding the office candy jar, you could plan to¬†add¬†an extra serving of fresh fruit to your lunch box. Adding healthy habits will give you a reason to pat yourself on the back (instead of punishing yourself for those guilty pleasures). And once you start to meet your new targets and build momentum, you’ll be surprised how quickly those unhealthy behaviors will start to fall away.

Resolution #2:  I will reach my goal weight by this summer!
Maybe you didn’t overindulge this season, but you’re still struggling with some unhappy thoughts about your current weight, dress size or body shape. Losing weight is the number one New Year’s resolution. But, if you go about setting your weight loss goal the wrong way, you’re likely to quit or‚ÄĒeven worse‚ÄĒgain it all back and then some! The problem with a resolution to simply “lose weight” is that the results are too far off to keep you motivated.

Resolution Revamp:¬†Instead of setting a goal to shed pounds, set more specific goals that account for all of the other small, measurable achievements you’ll reach along the way. Skip the scale and find measures behind body weight¬†and clothing size to track your progress. Whether you count salad lunches per week, pull-ups per minute, time on the stationary bike, or heart rate on your morning hike, monitoring other metrics can help you realize that losing weight¬†isn’t the only benefit for your focus on nutrition and exercise. And because your stats for muscular strength, endurance and cardiovascular fitness tend to improve more quickly than the number on the scale, you’ll be able to boast about your results in no time (and losing weight will be a bonus by-product for your efforts).

Resolution #3:  I will join a gym!
Joining a gym or club can be a great way to reset a rusty fitness routine‚ÄĒbut only after you actually go on a consistent basis. Beware those flashy first-of-the-year television ads and deep discounts! Many of those who purchase a gym membership in January bail on their workouts¬†within the first six months. When newcomers are turned off by the extra drive time, the surplus of lycra-clad lads and ladies, the loud music or the crowded, sweat-drenched exercise stations, the apparent perks of the gym atmosphere may not outweigh the pitfalls. If your resolution this year is to get fit, then be sure to assess your wants and needs¬†before signing that health club contract.

Resolution Revamp:¬†The first step to fitting more fitness into your life is picking a program that works for you. Start by writing down what you want from your workouts: Musical motivation or a stoic, silent sweat? Crowded classes or personal space? Climate control or outdoor elements? Don’t forget to factor in the commute, child-care options, shower space and more. Scope out contenders and ask for a complimentary day pass to explore at your own pace. If you don’t find a gym that stacks up to your expectations, then strike out on your own! There’s a bounty of online exercise videos¬†and DVDs at your local library, not to mention cheap, simple equipment that will get you fit without breaking the bank. You may find that designing an at home workout program¬†or enlisting a neighbour as your running buddy is the most economical and empowering way to spark a sustainable fitness habit.

Resolution #4:  I will spend more quality time with my friends, spouse, and family!
When the gatherings are over and the decorations are put away, post-party January blues can have you pining for a full house and swinging social schedule. Spending more quality time with loved ones is a popular resolution and it is important to your health to come together for happy occasions and celebrations throughout the year. But focusing too much on fitting in elaborate activities with friends, family and children can leave you stressed out and stretched too thin.

Resolution Revamp:¬†Take a look at your upcoming events and notice all the time you’re already devoting to helping and visiting family and friends: school plays, dentist appointments, birthday parties, science fairs, etc. Instead of adding to the festivities, pencil in a few hours a week just for you. Get a massage, read a new book, watch the game, take a walk in the park. Feel guilty about taking time out? Tell yourself that taking time to recharge can help you enjoy your engagements even more. Once you’ve gotten into the swing of giving yourself some quality “me” time, then you can add in appointments for phone calls with friends, date night with your spouse, and other group activities. Creating your calendar from the inside out will help you set the perfect pace in the coming year.

Resolution #5:  I will max out my savings account this year!
Everyone’s wallet feels a little lighter after the holiday season, so January is often a time when people consider changing their spending habits. There’s no doubt that financial fitness¬†is good for your mental and physical health. (Think about that downward spiral that happens when you feel like you can’t afford the basics, let alone healthy foods or your favorite yoga class!) But socking money away can also cause stress and tension, especially if you’re lacking a specific goal or the support to make it happen.

Resolution Revamp:¬†If your resolution is to accumulate more and spend wisely, involve everyone in your household in the decision to save. Will you break open your piggy bank for a family vacation, a family health club membership, a new car, a kitchen renovation, or a year of college for your eldest child? Choose a goal that’s important to everyone in your home and know how much you need to reach it. Then break down that big number into a per-paycheck amount and, if the overall goal is too far in the future, sprinkle in small rewards for meeting benchmarks ‚Äď these strategies will help you to stay motivated on the path to saving success. Pinching pennies the right way can strengthen your spirit and lead to long-term mental, fiscal and physical wellness.

So, at your upcoming New Year’s party, don’t just follow the crowd and spout simple, undeveloped resolutions. You’ve now got the knowledge to create a personalized plan of action that will help you to start the year off right: with a renewed sense of excitement about your journey toward total health and wellness. Regardless of the specific goals you’re trying to tackle this year, the best and most effective resolutions are always:

  • Small and easy to achieve¬†without much extra effort. For example, start by adding just 10 more minutes of exercise per week (as opposed to the lofty goal of an extra hour, five days per week!).
  • Specific and behavior-focused.¬†“Eat 3 servings of veggies each day” is a specific behavior that you can observe and measure while “eat healthier” is not easy to define.
  • Designed with a reward in mind.¬†Hold off on purchasing that new jacket, gadget or smart phone app until you meet your goal of exercising five days per week or completing your first 5k run¬†this spring.
  • Taken on one at a time.¬†Overhauling your entire lifestyle at once can be too intense. Don’t be afraid to focus on the exercise first, and start to eat healthier foods later (or vice versa).
  • Reviewed and revised often.¬†Revisit your goals at the end of each week to see how well they’re working for you. Don’t wait for the entire year to pass before you evaluate your progress or add in a new challenge.

Healthy Living everyone

Love J.L