Day 236: Sicknesses, Samoan Sports Awards, Broken Down Car!

19 02 2012

Hi guys

This last week I have been pretty unwell and have had to take a few days off work. But I have been eating relatively healthy. I missed my first nutrition class though which I was absolutely guttered about. I spent that evening tucked up in bed. I am sure there are bugs going around at the moment. My water intake has improved though. I am looking forward to Monday coming for the nutrition class and to get myself cooking and familiar with the kitchen again!

Other news, I was lucky enough to get to the Samoan Sports Awards last night with Jeremy, my mum and my brother. What a lovely evening! There were so many great sports stars there and it was great to see so many of them being recognised. Well done to Jerome Kaino for winning sportsman of the year. Another highlight of the night was hearing Buck Stowers speech after he received his award. He does a lot of work with people who need to lose weight and does a fantastic job helping people get their lives back on track. It was amazing to hear what inspired him to get going with his program and to carry it out for the 5th year this year. Also another highlight was hearing Len Brown speak, what a funny man!

So on our way home from the sports awards my car broke down, we had to call aa and then wait for a tow truck to take us back home! Oh what drama! My car is now parked on the roadside, and I am dreading taking it to the workshop, who knows how much it will cost to fix! Anyone know a good mechanic??

Anyway I am looking forward to this week. I am feeling a whole lot better, I look forward to getting in to the pool, maybe going for a small slow walk. I have also been told that in another month or two I may be able to get back in the gym with the help of a trainer to guide me through some rehab exercises! I am looking forward to this very much. It feels like it has been so long since I was last at the gym.

Team 4 for College Rifles has now been picked and we start trainings next week in time for the preseason competition! I am looking forward to this season and seeing how the girls progress.

That is all my news for today, it is such a gorgeous day outside. I for one am not going to waste such beautiful weather and am going to soak in the sun for a few minutes. Would really like to get down to my batch sometime soon!

Happy weekend everyone

Love J.L