Day 255: Hello Friday!!!

9 03 2012

Hi guys very short blog post tonight!

Just wanted to let you guys know what I have been up to over the past couple of days!

So yesterday I went to work at 9.30am and worked for about 3 hours, had finished all my work by 12.30 so my boss sent me home.

I decided to go to my friend Ashlee’s just to chill,watch Ashley Tisdale youtube videos, and then we came across the Kony 2012 video. I wont voice my opinion like the other gazillion people who are doing so on facebook. I will keep my thoughts and opinions to myself. But worth a watch if you have a half an hour to spare!


Last night I spent the night at Jeremy’s and we hung out and watched tv together. I cooked a spag bol meal which was nice and we headed off to bed around 1am.

I had a meeting early this morning at Auckland Rugby League about a few things, and lets just say the future may be looking a little bit brighter for me. Thank goodness!! I feel like I need a turn of good fate after being ill for the past couple of months. I am also happy to say that I enquired about gym fees, personal trainers and rehabilitation today so should be ready to get in to slowly hopefully next week. Although I will be interrupted by my operation in another 10 days so I may need to leave it until my operation is finished. I have been told no heavy lifting for a little while after my operation and to maybe stay out of the pool to let my wounds heal, so not sure exactly when I can get back into it and not sure exactly what I will be able to start off doing but the good thing is that I know that I will be getting back into it soon!


Ok that’s enough babbling for today. I have a couple of dvds to watch with Jeremy tonight so I better get into them now.


Lots of Love J.L





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